Time to Bid Your Yoga Teacher Goodbye

Time to Bid Your Yoga Teacher Goodbye

Taking yoga classes is a great thing, but just like in any other event in your life, at one point you will have to part ways with your yoga teacher if you want to explore the truly endless benefits that yoga has to offer. You may have started your yoga classes a while back and believe that you should do this for the rest of your life, which is not a bad decision.

However, you need to get detached from the yoga teacher and survive on your own. This is a built-in concept in yoga, and it is part of the natural evolution of the entire process. It is important to always remember that the objective of yoga is to be liberated from stresses through the teachings. So, when you leave your teacher, it may feel uncomfortable, but it is a part of advancing in yoga.

Breaking from the Norm

Ordinarily, one may wish to have a master or a yoga guru that they can always look up to. While this may sound amazing, it creates a hierarchical system, and you will be going against the teachings of liberation in yoga. You are likely to think of your teacher as being more accomplished than you. If you can practice yoga on your own, you can consider leaving your yoga class to explore yoga in depth on your own. Here are some of the tips that can help you say goodbye to your teacher:

The Guru is Your Friend

You should always think of the guru as no more than a friend and also no less than a friend. If you have been receiving preferential treatment in your yoga class; then that is a danger sign. This still applies as the teacher is treating you in a harmful manner; you should be concerned about it. A teacher should treat you as one would treat their friend. Joseph Arthur song says, “we travel as equals or not at all.” This can serve as a reminder that there is no need for hierarchical systems in yoga.

Follow the Teachings not the Teacher

Another way to make it easier to cut ties with your yoga teacher is by following the yoga teachings and not necessarily the teacher. Due to the human nature, there are some teachers we will tend to like more than others. This may be because they are able to convey the teachings in a way that you resonate with and understand easily. You should listen to the teachings and guidance as long as possible while striving to achieve the ultimate goal of maturity in yoga.

Ultimately, breaking away from the teacher is one of the ways to show that you have mastered the concept. Essentially, if you cannot stand on your own, then all the teachings of yoga become futile. Krishnamacharya put it eloquently: “If you have learnt something really well, then the way you express it, will not be the same way you learned it.” So, it is time to say goodbye to your teacher so that you can start living through the teachings of yoga.

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