Life is Better When You Have Someone to Share It With

Collaborate whenever possible. It not only makes things more fun, but you’ll also have an accountability partner who strives after the same goals as you do. You can divide tasks and get things improving more quickly as if you were the only one to rely on. You also have the free support system and a shoulder to lean on even in the middle of the night if necessary.

I like collaborating with friends and people with whom we think alike on various things. First off, I immensely enjoy taking nature walks. I found them inspirational in more ways than one. Bringing work on the go is the work environment I feel most comfortable in and inspired by. I would, therefore, take a friend whose opinion I value or a partner in business out on a walk to plan our next project. Don’t forget to take a phone or a booklet with you though, so you can scribble ideas down for when they will come handy.

I also enjoy preparing meals together with friends because each of us has a little different taste and I learn new things from each and every one of them. Even reaching your fitness goals seems more attainable when you have an accountability partner to share the experience with. How many times you sign up for a class but then change your mind at the last minute because you’re possibly too tired or a bit scared to try new things out by yourself. Having a friend with you makes transitioning into new environments easier. You can take classes together, go grab a coffee afterward, do healthy grocery shopping together and even check the offer at the farmer’s market on the weekend. Arranging get-together-like picnics, dinners or movie nights then becomes a piece of (healthy) cake as you can actually meal prep on those days and are not left with a bunch of foods and dishes to clean, but rather a full fridge of healthy food options for the days to come. Being prepared for living healthy will put you at a huge advantage when your hunger strikes the next time.

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I like to share such exciting stories with my online following, but presenting them in a way that is beneficial to them too is a huge bonus. For example, sharing what foods we prepared, what kitchen accessories we used, how we stored certain foods and nonetheless, being interested in fashion, what clothes we wore and how we decorated the place according to the occasion. For someone who is an active person online, collaborations are furthermore great in a sense that you attract more visitors to your social media outlet by collaborating with others. Just make sure their audience resembles yours if you eventually want to benefit from them. The online world is fond of collaboration as it brings new people to discover your brand. So, I’m all for it.

Working with people is one of the most empowering things you can do. When you have the same goals in mind, it can bring about a new interest, new objectives, and new spring of energy. Here’s an idea, invite an acquaintance who you envy just a little for being successful at their online business to a coffee. Possibly take coffee to go and walk around for inspiration or partake at yoga class together. Joining forces can be easy, fun and beneficial. When worlds collide, fun and exciting things can happen.

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